Texting mishaps

A/N: Requested. Smut was requested so I did Luke and Ashton’s with a bit of smut. This has the slightest bit of smut in it and when I say slight I really mean slight but if you’re not comfortable with any smut, then don’t read it. 

Calum: Calum’s phone lit up, signaling that he receive a text from you. He was busy doing other things on his phone but saw that it said ‘what’s up?’ When he finished doing what he was doing he responded. ‘I’m insanely tired, I can’t wait to cuddle.’ A few seconds later, Luke screamed to Calum across the room, “YOU DON’T NEED TO WAIT TO CUDDLE, LET’S CUDDLE NOW!” Calum laughed and said, “That text wasn’t mean for you,” which caused Luke to pout. 

Ashton: Your phone had three missed calls and two texts when you checked it. They were all from Ashton. You opened the texts and grinned. They were all from Ashton. ‘I’m so fucking hard right now, come home NOW!’, ‘Wanna hear what I’m going to do to you when you get home ;)’ You texted him back, ‘tell me’. ‘Tell you what?’ he replied, almost immediately. ‘What you’re going to do to me…?’ ‘I did…’ You got confused and then saw your screen light up signaling an incoming call from Ashton. You picked it up to hear screaming. “Y/N I MADE A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! FUCK! SHIT! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!” “CALM DOWN, ASH! Tell me what happened,” you said. There was silence for a bit. “I texted your brother,” Ashton whispered. “Why is that so bad!? I thought you two wanted to become better friends? I thought you two texted a lot,” you said. “No, no, no. I texted your brother instead of you. I sent him a text that was meant for you. A dirty one,” Ashton said the last three words so quietly that you barely heard him. Your jaw dropped, “oh shit.”

Michael: You and Michael had gotten into a stupid fight earlier so Michael decided to send you a text as an apology. ‘I’m sorry, I was being really stupid earlier. I didn’t mean any of it. I love you so much, more than life itself. I was being such a dick. I love you too much to lose you over this idiotic fight. I miss you already and I hate being without you. Please forgive me?’ He waited a little bit to receive a response when his phone lit up. From Ashton?  'Ummmmm… I don't think this was meant for me but I love you too…?' Michael laughed and then copied and pasted the text and sent it to you.

Luke: You were out to dinner with the boys and a few other friends when you started to get bored. Luke picked up on this and began to text you from across the table. ‘What’s wrong?’ his text read. ‘Nothing… just bored’, you replied. ‘Just think about how nice it will be when we get out of here so I can fuck you.’ You looked at him, jaw slightly open. You saw him look back at his phone and type something else so you didn’t reply, you just waited for him to continue. Luke looked back up at you so you checked your phone and didn’t find a text. Luke looked back down at his phone and his eyes widened. You heard a phone coming from the seat next to you beep. Your eyes widened, too, and you saw Calum’s do the same. “LUCAS HEMMINGS! THIS IS NOT ALLOWED! YOU CHEEKY LITTLE BASTARD!” Calum screamed. Luke blushed and everybody looked back and forth between Luke and Calum, asking what the text said. “I won’t say what it said for Luke and Y/N’s sake. I rather not embarrass them,” Calum said with a smirk.

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