I posted a lot today so here’s a list of all my preferences so you can read these and I’ll post more tomorrow. And I reached 500 followers today so thank you! I love youuuuuu

#1: His favorite thing about you

#2: One of the boys have a crush on you

#3: The boys try to get you together

#4: Concert Jealousy 

#5: Caught by your brother’s best friend

#6: You’re a competitive cheerleader

#7: He’s your brother and he sees a boy flirting with you at the beach

#8: Big Arguments

            (LUKE/4) PART ONEPART TWO

#9: He gets married but you’re not the bride

             PART ONEPART TWO

#10: You’re a bad influence

#11: You say a bad word

#12: You’re his celebrity crush

#13: Twitter Conversations

#14: Showering together

While you read these, I’ll try to write more so you can request preferences here.

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